Stimulus Resources


Various Stimulus Resources

Below are a list of resources you may need


Q: What if I didn’t file a return, how does the IRS find me for my stimulus payment?

A: IRS has a website set up for non-filers to give them your information.  Here is the link:

Q: Where do I go to check my stimulus payment status?

A: IRS made a website called “Get My Payment”.  Here is the link:


There are three popular SBA programs:

UPDATE: At this time the SBA is no longer offering any of these programs.

Federal Reserve

Main Street Lending Program made for Small to Mid-Size businesses

  • Minimum loan size $1 million USD
  • 4 years until maturity
  • Interest Rate is Fed Rate + 2.5 – 4.0%
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Attractive to banks, since the Treasury would buy back 95% of the loan
  • Like the PPP, you will need to apply though your bank.