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State Income Taxes in New York

The state of New York does have an individual income tax. Like most states with income tax, it is calculated on a marginal scale, with eight (8) tax brackets. They range from 4.00% to 8.82%. The highest bracket of 8.82% starts for income greater than $1,077,550.

New York is one of only three (3) states that have a “tax benefit recapture”. This is where the top tax rate of 8.82% is applied to all your income if it exceeds the top tax bracket (the other two states are Arkansas and Connecticut).

Local Income Taxes in New York

Local income tax – depending on the jurisdiction you live or work in, you may be subject to an additional Local Income tax. The average local income tax rate is 1.49% of your adjusted gross income (2nd highest in the country, behind Ohio). The four (4) jurisdiction that have additional local tax are:

  • New York City (Manhattan) – 3.08% to 3.88%
  • Metro Transport Authority – 0.34%
  • Port Authority Employees of the NY-NJ Waterfront – 2.00%
  • Yonkers – 16.75% of whatever your State Income Tax is

State Business Taxes in New York – Corporations

The state of New York does have a business income tax (commonly referred to as a Franchise Tax), however it its calculation is not straight forward. There are three (3) tax bases in New York*** – Business Income tax, Business Capital Tax, and Fixed Dollar Minimum Tax. New York Corporations must calculate all three and pay the highest one. Below are the three (3) tax bases:

Business Income Tax – New York’s state tax is a flat tax of 6.50% on all net income. However, if you have a Qualified Emerging Tech Company (QETC) or a Qualified NY Manufacturer, your tax rate may be lower.

Business Capital Tax – In addition to a business tax on C Corporations, there is also a Capital Stock Tax called the Business Capital tax. The tax is 0.05% on Capital Assets less than liabilities attributed to assets. QETC and Manufacturers have a tax rate of 0.038%.

Fixed Dollar Minimum (FDM) Tax – the FDM tax is a Gross Margins Tax. It based on which FDM tax bracket your Gross Receipts falls under. The tax is between $25 to $200,000. QETCs and Manufacturers have smaller tax rates.

You can learn more about the brackets and various tax bases categories at the NY Department of Taxation website – here.

State Business Taxes in New York – LLCs, LLPs, etc.

C Corporations and S Corporations and subject to the NY Franchise Tax. However, other flow-thru entities, such as LLCs, LLPs, or partnerships in NY are not required to pay a Franchise Tax, however they are subject to a State Filing Fee (like California’s LLC Fee). It is based on the Gross Receipts of the entity.

  • LLCs and LLPs Filing Fee – ranges between $25 and $4,500
  • Partnership Filing Fee – ranges between $0 and $4,500

Learn more about the Annual Filing Fees at the NY Department of Taxation website – here.

Sales Taxes and Property Taxes in New York

Sales Taxes – like many states, New York has multiple sales tax rates. One at the state level and another at the local level. The state rate is 4.00% the average local rate is 4.52% (total average rate for New York Sales Tax is 8.52%).

Property Taxes in New York – the average property tax rate for residential property in the state of New York is 1.40%, which is a high property tax as far as a percent of a taxpayer’s main home.

Estate Taxes in New York

The state of New York has an estate tax that ranges between 3.06% and 16.00%. The first $5,870,000 dollars of the estate is exempt from tax.

Payroll Taxes in New York

Payroll (Unemployment Insurance) taxes are paid by business on the behalf of their employees to fund unemployment insurance to the state. It consists of multiple factors. Below is an outline of the most common ones in New York –

  • Wage Base – New York’s wage base is $11,600
  • New Employers – UI Contribution Tax is 3.125% for all new employers.
  • Re-Employment Service Fund – Employers must also fund the RSF 0.075% flat tax for all wages paid to their employees for training.
  • UI Rates – range from 1.50% to 8.90%

New York Business Entities – LLCs

New York has an inexpensive  cost of opening an LLC. Here are some important facts:

  • New York’s LLC fee is bi-annual, at $9 every two years.
  • When you register with the state, you pay a one time fee of $200
  • Secretary of State of New York – click here

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