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Massachusetts State Taxes


State Income Taxes in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts does have an individual income tax. Unlike most states with income tax, it is 5.00% calculated as a flat percentage of the Federal adjusted gross margin (AGI). The only other states that do this are Michigan and Utah.

State Business Taxes in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts has a flat Corporate income tax rate of 8.00% on all income on C Corporations. For other businesses that flow-thru entities, such as S Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, etc., they are taxed at the individual income tax rate which is 5.00% of your AGI.

Excise & Gross Receipts Tax in Massachusetts

In addition to the business income tax, Massachusetts also has an excise tax that applies to Corporations but not LLCs. The minimum tax, regardless of Corporate status, is $456 annually. The Corporate excise tax is 0.26% of the Corporation’s net worth.

However, if your Corporation is an S Corporation, the excise tax also includes a tax on Gross Receipts. Here is the tax range on gross receipts:

  • Gross Receipts < $6 Million – no additional tax
  • Gross Receipts > $6 Million – 1.93% additional tax
  • Gross Receipts > $9 Million – 2.90% additional tax

Sales and Property Taxes in Massachusetts

Unlike most states, Massachusetts only has a state sales tax rate (i.e. no local sales tax rate). Their state sales tax rate is 6.25%.

Property Taxes in Massachusetts – the average property tax rate for residential property in the state of Massachusetts is 1.15%. Which puts it slightly above the national average of 1.05%.

Estate taxes in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts does have an estate tax that ranges from 0.8% to 16% depending on the size of the estate. The first $1 Million dollars of the estate is exempt from tax.

Payroll Taxes in Massachusetts

Unemployment taxes usually consist of three factors. They are the wage base, range of rates, number of schedules. Below is an outline of the three:

  • Wage Base – Massachusetts has a wage base of $15,000 for 2020
  • UI Rates – range from 1.00% to 12.65%, which is a high upper bound.
  • Schedules – Massachusetts has multiple rate schedules regarding UI

Massachusetts Business Entities – LLCs

Massachusetts is the 2nd most expensive state in the country to open an LLC. Here are some important facts:

  • Massachusetts’ annual LLC fee is $500, yikes!
  • When you register with the state, you pay a one time fee of $500
  • Secretary of State of Massachusetts  website – click here

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