DMV Taxes Deduction Lookup

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DMV Tax Deduction Lookup

In case you didn’t know, you are allowed to deduct the excise taxes you pay for your vehicle registrations.  Below are links  to your state’s DMV so you can look up the taxes you may deduct. 






What is an Excise Tax?

Excise taxes are additional taxes paid on purchases of specific goods or services. They are usually included in the price of the product or services. Examples are extra taxes on Gasoline or Highway Usage.  

In addition to yearly fees, some states will impose an Excise Tax on your automobile in addition to the registration fees. The Excise Tax is deductible on your personal tax return on Schedule A.

If your state is not listed above, it means either they only assess fees, and therefore is not deductible or your state doesn’t have a public record to look up your vehicle taxes.

Inquiries or comments

If there is a state that should be added to the list please above please email with the state and link so I can add it to the list.