529 Plans

529 Plans done right! We get questions all the time regarding 529 Plans. Below we are going answer the most common ones: What are 529 Plans?  How do 529 Plans work?  How does a 529 Plan help with my taxes?  What can I use a 529 Plan for? Who may I setup a 529 Plan […]

Paying your taxes

Paying your taxes If you’re a business owner, individual, or self-employed individual, people always ask me, “How do I pay my taxes?” Below I’m going to outline the different ways you may pay your taxes whether you are an individual that owes the IRS at the end of the year, or if you need to send […]

Stimulus Resources

Various Stimulus Resources Below are a list of resources you may need IRS Q: What if I didn’t file a return, how does the IRS find me for my stimulus payment? A: IRS has a website set up for non-filers to give them your information.  Here is the link:  https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/non-filers-enter-payment-info-here Q: Where do I go […]

2020 Estimated Tax Payments Extended

2020 Tax Payments Extended! Due to COVID-19 the IRS and Department of Treasury have updated the dates in which estimated tax payments are due for individuals, businesses, and the self-employed. Old Dates             New Dates Q1 4/15/2020        Q1 7/15/2020 Q2 6/15/2020        Q2 7/15/2020 Q3 […]

DMV Taxes Deduction Lookup

DMV Tax Deduction Lookup In case you didn’t know, you are allowed to deduct the excise taxes you pay for your vehicle registrations.  Below are links  to your state’s DMV so you can look up the taxes you may deduct.  Arizona                California                […]