2020 Estimated Tax Payments Extended


2020 Tax Payments Extended!

Due to COVID-19 the IRS and Department of Treasury have updated the dates in which estimated tax payments are due for individuals, businesses, and the self-employed.

Old Dates             New Dates

Q1 4/15/2020        Q1 7/15/2020

Q2 6/15/2020        Q2 7/15/2020

Q3 9/15/2020        Q3 9/15/2020 (same)

Q4 1/15/2021        Q4 1/15/2021 (same)


Each state has made its own decisions regarding estimated tax payments for 2020

Please check with your individual state’s taxing authority for state income tax estimated payments.

IRS Press Release

You can find the IRS Press Release regarding the estimated payment change here – Click Link.

Additionally, if you have an unclaimed refund from 2016, they have extend the time for you to receive that unclaimed refund.